General Dentistry

General dentistry gives our team the ability to help you maintain a healthy smile. From cleanings and exams to TMJ therapy, we’ve got you covered. If you are searching for a dentist in the Louisville, KY area, our team is here to help. Children, teens and adults can protect their oral health and meet their dental needs at Klein Dental Group!

Cleanings & Exams

A dental checkup is recommended every six months. During a cleaning and exam, our team can provide you with the resources you need to address dental problems right away. A cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup that brushing alone will not address and an exam allows your dentist to look for any dental concerns for the protection of your smile.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We offer oral cancer screenings during regular office visits. For the health and safety of our patients, we recommend routine oral cancer screenings to detect any warning signs of oral cancer. 

Crowns & Bridges

Our dental crowns are custom-designed to fit your smile and made from high-quality durable materials. For damaged or missing teeth, dental crowns and bridges offer the perfect solution to give you back your smile! 


When decay has been removed from a tooth, a filling is needed to restore both the function and appearance of your tooth. Fillings can be placed without discomfort and can help to preserve and protect your natural teeth. 


If you have gaps in your smile, dentures may be the answer! We offer full, partial and implant-supported dentures depending on your dental needs. Whether you are missing a few teeth or several teeth, our team can evaluate your smile and build a customized treatment plan that works for you. 

Tooth Extractions

Although our team preserves natural teeth whenever possible, at times a tooth extraction can be the best way to improve your smile. Whether you have overcrowded teeth, a severely damaged tooth or an impacted tooth, an extraction can be carefully performed for the health of your smile. 

Night Guard (Teeth Grinding)

If you struggle with grinding your teeth at night, a night guard can protect your smile from further damage. Teeth grinding can cause jaw pain, worn down teeth and other dental issues. If you are suffering from teeth grinding, contact our team to schedule a consultation today!

Sports Mouthguard

A mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can wear during sports. Protecting your smile can help you avoid serious injury while you play. If you or your child are in need of a sports mouthguard, our team is here to help.

Pediatric Dentistry

At Klein Dental Group, we love kids! Our team makes dental visits fun for both children and teens. We aim to create pleasant memories from a child’s very first trip to the dentist. We enjoy working with parents to answer questions, protect their child’s smile and help build healthy oral habits that will last a lifetime!

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can be used to save a tooth that otherwise would require extraction. Root canal treatment works by removing the pulp of the tooth when it has become infected, and also removing any parts of the tooth that are threatening its health. Root canal treatment is an effective way to preserve natural teeth and relieve dental pain.

TMJ Appliances

If you are suffering from jaw pain, clicking or a popping jaw, constant headaches or any other symptoms associated with TMJ, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our team. Receiving help with TMJ can relieve your pain and discomfort. Call our team today to schedule your visit!
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